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Who We Are:

Strategic Global Healthcare Partners is an independent Healthcare Strategy and Payer Markets Consulting company. We are Headquarted in Avon, Ohio in close proximity to the world famous Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Case Western Reserve Medical School. Our goal is to enhance the quality of care and deliver economic value for our clients.

What We Do:

We focus on providing innovative and specialized consulting services to Regional and National Managed Care Organizations, PBM’s, Small to Start Up Pharmaceutical Companies, Integrated Delivery Networks, Medical Groups, and Independent Physician Associations.  We focus on both strategic and tactical solutions that deliver customized solutions to complex problems.

What We Believe:

Strategic Global Healthcare Partners believe that solutions to healthcare’s cost and quality challenges will come from value-focused partnerships among all stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain. We believe that Physicians, Employers, Payers, Medical Device Companies and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers must play a leadership role, focusing on value and driving innovative solutions. We believe healthcare companies that focus on improving value will thrive and those who insist on working worn-out business models will not.

What We Think:

We think healthcare’s challenges are tough to solve. But where tough problems meet smart, committed and passionate leadership, leadership wins. Our team shares a passion for healthcare problem solving and a strong commitment to helping our customers, plan and succeed.


Strategic Global Healthcare Partners, LLC
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